The art of payroll has many layers which create a chaotic confusion of regulations, deadlines, calculations, paperwork and electronic filing. Outsourcing payroll simplifies the complex and allows a business to benefit from having access to payroll professionals focused on your business’ unique payroll picture.

Kemper 1st Choice Payroll's services are specifically designed for your company’s payroll needs from keeping time, calculating gross to net checks, executing direct deposits, transmitting tax payments and filing quarterly and annual reports. With the strength of our accounting foundation, the diversity of our professional staff and the support of our in-house technology division, you will experience service and peace of mind.

Payroll Processing

Processing payroll encompasses several components concentrated around the employees. These factors are time keeping, employee information and employee payment delivery. Here is how they fit together when you outsource payroll:

TIME KEEPING - The first step in accurately processing payroll is to understand the management of time keeping for your business. The time management process can be as simple as paper tracking to a robust, integrated, hosted time system. Whatever process is in place will dictate how time will be presented to initiate payroll each and every pay period.
EMPLOYEE INFORMATION - Kemper 1st Choice Payroll offers an online product available to clients which contains the employees’ information necessary to calculate gross wages, tax withholdings, deductions and ultimately net pay. This online product provides you with an option of 24- hour access to your company’s information related to payroll and other workforce management factors, such as integrated time keeping or ACA management, just to name a few. Also, no worries on filing New Hire Reporting, each time a new employee is added online, we are alerted and file it for you.
EMPLOYEE PAYMENT DELIVERY - Businesses can choose from several options around how employees can receive payroll on pay day. You can choose check printing, debit cards or direct deposit. Checks will be mailed, debit cards and direct deposit pay advices can be emailed to your employees email address. Or use Employee Self Service to download those pay stubs.

Employee Self Service (ESS)

ESS offers employees access to pay vouchers, W-2s, annual benefit statements, employee handbooks, job description and many other documents through a secure portal. You choose the information available which would streamline communication with your employees. Empower your employees with information at their fingertips. Paperless is convenient for employees and respectful to the earth we share.

Garnishments and Child Support

Time-sensitive payroll tasks like garnishment deductions and child support can slow you down and can come back to bite you if you do not report them timely and accurately. Kemper 1st Choice Payroll can help you understand your responsibilities when it comes to interrogatories vs court ordered documents. In addition, we will file the payment through our check writing service or electronically submit payments.

Reporting & Analytics

You need to understand the numbers behind your greatest assets - human capital. Having payroll reports available immediately after payroll is processed keeps you informed of these costs. Online access to your company’s Report Library allows you to view all of the previous reports including quarterly and annual documents which are vital to have available throughout the year.

Our Report Browser allows you to access established reports which could be helpful in your day-to-day operations. You can run these reports anytime you need them. But just in case you cannot find a report you need, Kemper 1st Choice Payroll offers Custom Reporting.


The complexity of payroll taxes is fueled by the multiple levels of governmental influences with acronyms like IRS, OASDI, MCare, FUTA, and SUTA and payment schedules based on total payroll wage limits. Just mentioning a few of the other guidelines like reciprocal agreements, subdivision, school, disability, training or working taxes, can churn up anxiety levels greater than having to take the SATs again.

To compensate for these regulations, look for a payroll service bureau who will become your Reporting Agent (RA) with the IRS. This defined relationship allows the service bureau to electronically file and pay withholding taxes and sign the tax documents. Impounding the taxes with each payroll, allows easier budgeting with “pay as you go” sensibility. Tax Pay and File services cover all federal, state and local withholding tax as well as federal and state unemployment.

Because Kemper 1st Choice Payroll offers nationwide coverage for payroll, we have a large body of knowledge on how to handle complex payroll issues surrounding multiple state reporting. Ultimately our tax specialists take the time to research and understand each states reporting requirements as it relates to your industry and business situation and explain the resolution for these intricate state regulations to you with language a novice can understand.